My Incognito Travel Companion

My incognito travel companion has been with me through good times and challenging ones, sunny and rainy days, has crossed country borders with me, touched several seas and oceans, has been my +1 to various life events, and explores all corners of the globe with me. We first met on 27 April 2021 in The Four Seasons Hotel in Madrid and it has been a love story ever since.

What I adore most about her is her ability to be incognito, something along the lines of “if you know, you know”. My 2007 Rolex Explorer is not overly dressed, she is not flashy, she is not over-complicated, and she is not a trend. She is everything that a companion should be– trustworthy, reliable, and never compromises her goals regardless of the given circumstances. 

The initial idea of the Rolex Explorer came around 1930 when the race to summit Mount Everest started to gain momentum. Fast-forward to 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay summited Mount Everest with a version of the Explorer. Today, the Explorer has gone through some facelifts and modifications, however, the lineage can be traced to this exact event. The timepiece still stands for exploration regardless of whether you are wearing it with a tuxedo or hiking a trail.

What attracts me to horology is simple: time is our most valued asset. My Rolex Explorer truly brings me happiness every time I look down at her because she reminds me that time is in fact limited, in a handsome way. I look forward to spending more time with her over the years to come.

**While James Bond never officially wore a Rolex Explorer, his creator, Ian Fleming, did. Fleming wore the Rolex Explorer while writing all 14 novels. Pictured is mine resting upon my favorite work of art from his library while enjoying an afternoon in Dublin, Ireland.**