Malta: The Hidden Mediterranean Gem

Good things come in small packages. For Malta, the small package is the size of the country; it is in fact the smallest member of the European Union. The good things that come with it are a cornucopia filled with historically significant events, conquerors that brought various languages, infused food groups, and architectural wonders, to name a few. This archipelago packs a heavy punch of jagged coastline to explore and enjoy when escaping the stunning capital, Valetta.

East of Tunisia, South of Sicily, seeing the sun is no issue here. Have a late afternoon dip as the sun will continue to heat these shorelines well past dinnertime. Bring your water shoes as alcoves, rocky stepping-stones, and zigzagged three-dimensional edges make getting to and from the water an event, however, this enjoyment is well worth the challenge. The water is electric blue, refreshing, and nothing less than a perfect way to escape the rays of the Sun.