The Mediterranean Sea: Our Favorite Body of Water

The days are endless, sunshine is plentiful, and heavenly scenes unfold before the naked eye creating a sensory overload for moments long lived. It is no secret that The Azure Head Hammocks are named after our favorite beach towns sprinkled throughout this vast topography.

Extending over 30,000 miles of coastline and 22 countries, The Mediterranean Sea is our most treasured place in Europe. A beautiful opportunity to sink into pure bliss, do nothing but enjoy the moment, and take out your Head Hammock to practice The Art of Doing Nothing.

Andalusia: The Pearl of The Mediterranean, The Southern-most Part of Europe, a Hidden Gem, Andalusia is the ultimate getaway to experience an abundance of life. The Siesta was born here, and for good reason, enjoy the moments that are plentiful and endless. Our Favorite Places: Cadiz, Duna de Bolonia, Granada, Jerez de la Frontera, Playa los Alemenas, Sevilla, Tarifa, Zhara de los Atunes.

Formentera: Electric blue water engulfs this small island off Ibiza, which makes it mesmerizing for a true Spanish/Italian summer experience. Sun-soaked buildings, Lunch Menus that start at 1330, slow pace during the day - lively vibes at night, it is an island with everything for everyone. Our Favorite Places: Blue Bar, Calo Des Mort, Cala Saona, Chezz Gerdi, Es Molí de Sal, Piratabus, Platja de Ses Illetes.

Mondello: Bring an empty stomach and a cover up because you will be full sprawling out on the beach. The cuisine is exotic, different, to a degree, compared to the rest of Italy, unique, savory, lasting, and memorable. A mix of seafood with pasta will never do you harm. A stones throw away from the densely populated city of Palermo, this shoreside town is an oasis in the hustle and bustle of Sicily. Our Favorite Places: Addaura Beach via cola pesce, Semaforo borbonico dell'Eremita Isravele, Riserva Naturale di Capo Gallo, Trattoria da Piero.

Xabia: A drive through rice paddies, a mountainous spinal cord, and through the orange tree fields, Xabia is an area encompassing some extremely beautiful Valencia/Alicante culture. Hiking, beach relaxation, food options, and cliffs that abruptly end and fall over into the deep blue, its beauty and weather is contagious. Our Favorite Places: Bar Bus, Cala Clémence del Portitxol, Cala de Aigua Dolç, Cova dels Òrguens, Cova Tallada, Restaurante Mena